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Updated March 15, 2024

Updates since last edition boldfaced


(29) Shovels, cranes and excavators:

1920s Bucyrus-Erie 20-B steam shovel photo

1928 Osgood 1ΒΌ cy Heavy Duty steam shovel photo, photo

1937 Bay City 30 dragline photo

1945 Bucyrus-Erie 15B backhoe/crane [R] photo

1953 Bucyrus-Erie 22-B shovel photo

1948 Koehring 304 crawler crane [R] photo

1956 Lima 34 Paymaster shovel [R] photo

1929 Lima 101 shovel photo

1926 Link-Belt K2 crawler crane [R] photo video

1942 Manitowoc 3500 crawler crane/dragline [R] photo, photo

1950 Michigan Power Shovel C16 shovel photo

1936 Northwest Model 2 shovel photo

Northwest 80-D crawler crane [R] photo

c. 1952 Unit 1020 crawler crane/backhoe/shovel photo

1950s Wayne Crane 66 crawler crane photo

c. 1925 Universal Crane Company crane upper works photo

1926 Marion 21 electric shovel [R] photo, photo, photo, video

c. 1925 Bay City one-man excavator photo photo

1966 American Hoist & Derrick 4450 truck crane [R] photo photo

Late 1950s Bay City 150T40 truck crane photo

1953 Gar Wood M20A truck crane photo

1945 Lorain MC414 truck crane photo

1934 Michigan T6D truck crane photo

1954 Bantam T-35 shovel on 1941 White halftrack photo

1951 Bucyrus-Erie H3 Hydrocrane [R] photo; photo

1970s Case 880 crawler hydraulic backhoe photo

1970 Koehring 505 crawler hydraulic backhoe [R] photo

Drott 40 Series Cruz-Air self-propelled hydraulic backhoe photo

1956 Warner & Swasey M2460 Gradall hydraulic excavator photo


(18) Crawler and wheel tractors:

1947-1950 Allis-Chalmers HD19H crawler tractor photo

1931-1937 Bates Steel Mule 35 crawler tractor [R] photo

1913 Bullock Two-Cylinder prototype crawler tractor [R] photo

1974 Case 350 crawler tractor photo

1926 Cat Two-Ton crawler tractor, 38" gauge photo

c. 1930 Cat Thirty crawler tractor [R] photo

1935 Cat Diesel Fifty crawler tractor [R] photo

1956 Cat D2 crawler tractor, 5U series photo

1940 Cat D4 crawler tractor, 7J series photo

1959 Cat D6 crawler tractor, 9U series photo

1951 Cat D7 crawler tractor, 3T series photo

Ca. 1972 Cat D7F crawler tractor photo

1965 Cat D9G crawler tractor [R] photo

1928 International Harvest 10-20 TracTracTor crawler tractor prototype* photo

1949 International Harvester TD6 crawler tractor [R] photo

1933 McCormick-Deering TA40 crawler tractor [R] photo

c. 1950 M. R. S. 150AGT wheel tractor [R] photo

c. 1950 LeTourneau C Tournatractor wheel dozer photo


(21) Graders, Road Drag and Road Shaper:

c. 1920 Adams Road Patrol No. 3 horse-drawn grader* photo

c. 1929 Adams Leaning Wheel No. 7 pull grader [R] photo

Adams Square Deal No. 20 or 2C pull grader photo

c. 1920 Austin Standard horse-drawn grader [R] photo

Cat Standard Frame No. 33 pull grader photo

Cat No. 44 pull grader photo

c. 1929 Galion Leaning Wheel E-Z Lift No. 10 pull grader [R] photo

c. 1925 Galion Light Premier pull grader* photo

Galion Little Ideal pull grader photo

Gledhill pull grader photo

Russell Super Special pull grader [R] photo

c. 1910 Western Wheeled Scraper Standard pull grader [R] photo

1966 Austin-Western Super 300 motor grader photo

1940 Cat No. 12 motor grader photo

1964 Cat No. 12E motor grader photo

1954 Galion 503 motor grader [R] photo

1937 Adams 301 motor grader on International-Harvester I-30 wheel tractor [R] photo

c. 1927 Austin motor grader on McCormick-Deering wheel tractor [R] photo

1961 Huber M-5210 Maintainer photo

c. 1920 Russell Grader No. 35 road drag [R] photo

c. 1930s Gledhill Road Shaper photo


(11) Rollers and Compactors:

4x4 double drum sheepsfoot roller* photo

1954 Ferguson RT100S 50-ton proofroller photo

1937 Buffalo-Springfield 3-wheel roller with scarifier photo; photo

c. 1927 Galion Master 3-wheel roller photo

1945 Huber 10-ton 3-wheel roller [R] photo

1938 Buffalo-Springfield 5-ton (?) tandem roller photo; photo

1935-36 Buffalo-Springfield 10-ton (?) tandem roller photo; photo

1964 Ferguson 2511 25-ton pneumatic roller photo

1943 Toro tandem sidewalk roller photo

Unidentified plate compactor photo

Lima E Roadpacker self-propelled plate compactor photo

(26) Scrapers:

(Three each) horse-drawn slip scrapers photo, photo

c. 1920 horse-drawn Fresno scraper photo, photo

(Two each) Western Wheeler horse-drawn wheeled scrapers photo; photo; photo

Unidentified wheeled scraper

c. 1928 Euclid S1 Automatic wheeled scraper photo

(Two each) c. 1929 Baker-Maney D wheel scraper*[R] photo; video; photo

Killifer rotary scraper photo

1957 Cat 435 pull scraper photo

1946 LaPlant-Choate C84 pull scraper photo

LeTourneau D pull scraper [R] photo

1951 LeTourneau LP pull scraper photo

1960s Allis-Chalmers 260 motor scraper photo

1984 Cat 621B motor scraper photo

(2 each) 1960s Cat 631B motor scrapers photo; photo

1949 Cat DW10 tractor with 1950 No. 10 scraper photo

1959 Cat DW20F tractor with No. 20 scraper photo

Ca. 1968 Euclid TS14 motor scraper photo

1955 International Harvester 2T-75 tractor with 2S-75 scraper photo

c. 1945 LeTourneau D4 Airborne Tournapull with Q Carryall photo

1952 LeTourneau D Roadster motor scraper (D Roadster prime mover with E9 Carryall scraper) [R] photo

1979 Cat 613-B elevating scraper photo

(11) Elevating Grader and Loaders:

1917 Russell Township A elevating grader [R] photo, photo, photo

1948 Cat D2 with Trackson cable loader [R] photo

1947 Cat D4 with Trackson cable loader [R] photo

1953 Cat HT4 crawler loader photo

c. 1945 International Harvester T9 crawler tractor with Bucyrus-Erie hydraulic loader photo

Barber-Greene 543 bucket loader photo

1963 Cat 944 wheel loader photo

1954 Michigan 75A wheel loader [R] photo

c. 1963 Michigan 175 Series I wheel loader photo, photo

c. 1951 Butler Bin Carscoop 102 compact wheel loader photo

1940s-1950s Hough HA compact wheel loader photo

(3) Scarifiers and Plows:

Issacson Iron Works pull scarifier photo

Killifer No. 10 pull scarifier photo

Austin Manufacturing breaking plow

(15) Compressors, Drills and Generators:

Ca. 1940 Ingersoll-Rand K-105 air compressor photo

1956 Jaeger 75B air compressor [R] photo

Early 1940s Schramm Fordair 60 air compressor [R] photo

1920s Fordson-Schramm Self-Propelled Compressor [R] photo

1963 Schramm COUH 125cfm Pneumatractor photo

c. 1903 Jeffrey steam rock drill photo

1948 Bucyrus-Erie 27T churn drill photo

c. 1939 Gardner-Denver wagon drill [R] photo

Ingersoll-Rand wagon drill [R] photo

Joy LW6A wagon drill [R] photo

1964 Ingersoll-Rand CM2 Hydraboom Special crawler drill photo

1947 Syntron Style 172I gas hammer photo

1951 Cat D13000 generator set [R] photo

1981 Detroit Diesel 3-71 generator set photo

1954 Detroit Diesel 6-110 generator set photo

(11) Trenchers and Underground Equipment:

c. 1910s Buckeye No. 1 Contractors’ Drainage Machine photo

c. 1923 Buckeye Model 3 Trench Excavator ladder trencher photo; photo; photo

1961 Buckeye 403 utility ladder trencher  photo

1953 Cleveland Trencher 140 wheel trencher [R] photo

1950s Ditch Witch utility trencher* [R] photo

1955 Cleveland Trencher 80W backfiller [R] photo

c. 1920 Doan backfill board photo

Unidentified backfill board

1939 Cat R4 sideboom tractor [R] photo

1958 Cat D6 crawler tractor with MD6 sideboom photo

1958-59 Cat 572C pipelayer photo

(15) Concrete, Aggregate and Paving Equipment:

1950s Winslow Binanbatch portable batch plant photo, photo

1968 Gilson 11-SCFR concrete mixer photo

1956-57 Jaeger 6SW concrete mixer [R] photo

Jaeger concrete mixer photo

c. 1930 Koehring 10S Dandie concrete mixer photo

c. 1921 Leach concrete mixer [R] photo

Wonder portable concrete mixer photo

Unidentified wood-frame concrete mixer photo

1930s Allis-Chalmers Superior-McCully 10” gyratory crusher photo

1932 Koehring 27-E Twin-Batch dry batch paver [R] photo, photo, photo

1920s Ted Carr & Company formgrader photo

1947 Cleveland Formgrader Company formgrader photo

c. 1962 Barber-Greene SA40 asphalt paver photo

1966 Flaherty K chip spreader photo

1953 Hauck ST115 melting kettle photo

(15) Trucks and Haulers:

1959 Euclid R18 off-highway end dump photo

1928 Hughes-Keenan 2-Yard Iron Mule end dump [R] photo; photo

1954 Koehring 60-2A Dumptor end dump [R] photo

Early 1960s Mack M30X end dump photo

1974 Terex 33-15 end dump photo

1953 Euclid 71FDT bottom dump truck photo video

1948 Cat DW-10 water wagon photo

1960s Cat 631B water wagon with Klein tank [R]

1976 Mack DM685SX dump truck photo

1961 White Super Mustang dump truck [R] photo

1946 Sterling 10-ton tandem flatbed truck [R] photo

1958 Autocar DC-75 truck tractor photo

1985 GMC Sierra 1500 mechanic's truck

1922 Federal cab/chassis truck photo

1973 Cushman Truckster yard truck [R] photo

(10) Wagons and Trailers:

Horse-drawn end dump wagon [R] photo

Horse-drawn slat-bottom stone wagon [R] photo

Horse-drawn bottom dump wagon photo

c. 1918 Studebaker sprinkler wagon [R] photo

1959 Fruehauf bottom dump trailer photo

1942 Fruehauf military lowboy trailer [R] photo

Fruehauf 7-ton lowboy trailer

Unidentified sprinkler trailer

(4) Pumps:

Barnes water pump [R] photo

1920s Chain Belt Company Durex road pump photo

c. 1920s-1930s Marlow diaphragm pump photo

1999 Wacker 6” centrifugal pump


1955 Gerlinger L-18 forklift photo

1954 Clark Michigan 75A wheel loader salesman's demonstrator

1945 International Harvester wheel loader patent model

1975 Koehring Pillar of Progress kinetic sculpture photo

Cable and power cord sections, lift chain segments and bucket tooth from Bucyrus-Erie 4250-W Big Muskie walking dragline

Hundreds of toys and scale models


*equipment on loan to the Museum

[R] – restored to original appearance and operating condition.

c. – approximate year of manufacture.

The Marion shovel is representative of the smallest electric-powered conventional excavator ever built, and is believed to be the only electric-powered construction excavator to be preserved and restored.

The Bullock tractor is the only one of its kind in existence.

The Michigan 75A wheel loader is the first Michigan loader built for production.

The International 10-20 TracTracTor is the oldest known I-H crawler tractor.

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