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9 photo(s) Updated on: 08/29/2022
  • 1981 Detroit Diesel 3-71 diesel generator. Gensets, as they are called, provide jobsite electricity.
  • 1954 Detroit Diesel 6-110 diesel generator set. Detroit Diesel was a brand of General Motors.
  • Little machines like this are the ancestors to the Ditch Witch line of trenchers and utility equipment. It was the first trencher designed for close-quarters, light-duty work.
  • Pulled by a horse or mule, the Doan Backfill Board pushed dirt into a trench, and then a laborer manhandled it back to the other side of the spoil bank as the teamster repositioned the animal.
  • The Drott Cruz-Air was a hydraulic backhoe on a four-wheeled carrier that made it self-propelled. The earliest versions could be converted to shovels by simply reversing the bucket on one type of boom
  • c. 1928 Euclid S1 Automatic wheeled scraper. Euclid Road Machinery's very successful line of earthmoving equipment and off-highway haulers arose from this small scraper.
  • This TS14 scraper exemplifies Euclid's Twin-Power concept scrapers and trucks, in which each axle was independently powered. It was built in 1968, the year Euclid's scrapers were rebranded for Terex.
  • 1959 Euclid 91FD R18 end dump truck. Euclid's complex model nomenclature indicated, for trucks, the general range of carrying capacities; the FD series ranged over the years from 15 to 25 tons.
  • 1953 Euclid 71FDT tractor and 89W bottom dump wagon. Euclid offered many of its wheel tractors with either a scraper or a bottom dump wagon. The 89W wagon could carry 13 cubic yards.
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