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Baker through Bucyrus-Erie

14 photo(s) Updated on: 01/25/2017
  • 1951 Bucyrus-Erie H3 Hydrocrane. Restoration of this example of the first all-hydraulic crane built for construction applications is nearing completion.
  • Restored and painted crawler assembly for the 1923 Buckeye No. 3 trench excavator. Each track pad is a wooden block protected by steel plates top and bottom.
  • The 1923 Buckeye No. 3 Trench Excavator's frame, engine and completed crawler assembly were shown outside the Restoration Shop during the 2016 Convention.
  • The Bantam T-35 shovel on arrival at the Museum. Bantam got its start by mounting its excavators on reconditioned military trucks and halftracks that were surplus after World War II.
  • 1961 Buckeye 403 ladder trencher, a small utility model used for digging around existing pipes.
  • 1948 Bucyrus-Erie 27T churn drill. A churn drill works like a butter churn: The bit is raised, turned and dropped into the hole.
  • c. 1951 Butler Carscoop 102 compact industrial wheel loader. Small loaders like this were built for use in warehouses, boxcars, ship’s holds and other industrial settings.
  • 1950s Barber-Greene 543 bucket loader. The bucket flight in front elevates excavated material to a conveyor that transfers it to a dump truck behind the loader.
  • 1920s Baker Maney D wheeled scrapers. Each one carries 1.25 cubic yards, and up to six could be used behind a single tractor with a crew of three operating everything.
  • 1935-1938 Buffalo-Springfield rollers. These three machines – two tandem rollers and a three-wheel – were donated by a company that left its 1930s phone number on them!
  • This Bullock crawler tractor is a prototype built circa 1913 and powered by an opposed-piston Heer two-cylinder engine. it is the only one of its kind in existence.
  • This Bates Steel Mule 35 crawler tractor was built in Joliet, Illinois, in the 1930s.
  • 1945 Bucyrus-Erie 15B backhoe. The ancestor of the hydraulic backhoe digs below grade by lowering the boom and pulling the bucket up and in, and dumps by raising the boom and drawing the bucket back.
  • 1937 Bay City model 30 dragline.
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