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LIMA through Lorain

5 photo(s) Updated on: 01/21/2021
  • 1929 Lima 101 shovel. The Lima Locomotive Works of Lima, Ohio, originally built these machines on contract for the Ohio Steam Shovel Company until purchasing rights to the design.
  • This 1956 Lima 34 Paymaster shovel was beautifully restored by donor Sheldon Gray.
  • The 1950s-1960s Lima E Roadpacker used an array of vibratory plates powered by hydraulic motors to compact roadbed material. The rear plates would be swung down onto the shoulder or ditch.
  • The oldest known Link-Belt crane in existence, this 1926 K-2 was the first machine to be restored by Museum volunteers.
  • 1945 Lorain MC414 truck crane, an example of the first self-contained truck cranes for over-the-road travel. Lifting capacity was 15 tons.
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