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2010 Convention

Please share your images of the 2010 International Convention and Old Equipment Exposition which was held September 10-12 at the Washington County Fairgrounds in Richmond, Rhode Island.

Please be advised: If you want your images to appear in a specific order, upload the images individually, rather than in a batch, and upload the last image in the sequence first. If you upload more than one image at once, there is no way of controlling the order in which they will appear in the gallery.

Also, you can add captions to your photos, but there is a 200 character limit, including spaces, to their length. 

16 photo(s) Updated on: 03/22/2013
  • Peter Vieira provided this 1956 Bucyrus-Erie 15B crane for a Crane Rodeo in which operators tested their skills with a clamshell bucket.
  • A 1956 International Harvester TD20 owned by Jim Watkins at work in the pit.
  • Dennis Yaworski’s 1956 Link-Belt K370 shovel loads Wright Excavating’s 1969 Euclid R22.
  • Dave Benn’s Autocar dump truck is loaded out by Mello Construction’s 1956 Bucyrus-Erie 15B backhoe.
  • Cannizzo Brothers owns this 1965 Cat 955H Traxcavator.
  • Seabee veterans Jim Stockslager and the late Harold Radandt meet at the Seabee Museum and Memorial Park exhibit. Harold was a World War II and Korean War vet. Thanks for your service!
  • National Director Ricky Turner gives his 1951 Bucyrus-Erie 15B shovel some exercise.
  • Dick Rawson’s 1966 LD7AD Scoopmobile is a descendant of the world’s first articulated wheel loaders, the 1955 LD5 and LD10 Scoopmobiles.
  • Two rare machines at work in the pit: The featured show machine, Ted Valpey III’s 1928 Wilford B tractor shovel, and Raymond Steck’s 1969 International Harvester 3200A skid-steer loader.
  • National Director Jim Schaus takes Peter Vieria’s 1962 Brockway 262 for a trip down the haul road.
  • Ted Valpey III owns this 1934 Cletrac 20C. Equipped with a wooden vee snow plow and side wing, it was used by the Byfield Snuff Works for 57 years.
  • Steve MacMillan’s 1950 Hough HA Payloader is an ideal loader for Rolf Johnson’s Benford 1/2-ton compact hauler as it clears product from under a Read Screen-All deck screen.
  • Lynn Burdick’s 1939 Bay City 20 and JV III Construction’s 1947 Lorain L80J are ready for action in the pit.
  • Macks dominated the truck exhibits, and Richard Kurzontkowski’s 1920 AC was the oldest.
  • National Director Earl Fitzgerald rearranges part of the work area with his 1964-1965 Euclid TC12.
  • Methods of handling and splitting boulders were demonstrated. Two of the RockBusters are boring holes into this boulder so that the Link-Belt shovel can pick it up with chains pinned into the holes.
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