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Warner & Swasey,  wayne,  western wheelED scraper,  white,  WILFORD, WINSLOW,  wonder

11 photo(s) Updated on: 08/29/2022
  • 1956 Warner & Swasey M2460 Gradall hydraulic excavator. The boom telescopes in and out, and the bucket can rotate 360 degrees.
  • This model 66 is a product of Wayne Crane Company of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Wayne eventually came under American Hoist & Derrick ownership.
  • This Western Wheeled Scraper Standard pull grader was built circa 1910.
  • (Left) Fresno scraper.
  • 1910s-1920s Western Wheeled Scraper Wheeler, with tongue modified for use behind a tractor.
  • 1910s-1920s Western Wheeled Scraper Wheeler, with full tongue and conventional motive power.
  • 1962 White Super Mustang dump truck.
  • This rare Wilford 1/2 swing shovel is powered by a Fordson tractor power train, and gets is name from Henry Ford's brother Will. Will's Universal Power Shovel Company preceded Unit Crane & Shovel.
  • Outfits like this produced concrete on smaller projects. The mixer is a 1956-57 Jaeger 6SW, capacity 6 sacks of cement. (Cement, along with sand, gravel and water, is an ingredient of concrete.)
  • Concrete requires pre-measured amounts of sand, gravel and cement. A batch plant stores the materials separately and dispenses these amounts by weight to the mixer.
  • Early 1900s Wonder concrete mixer.
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