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2012 Convention

Please share your images of the 2012 International Convention and Old Equipment Exposition which was held September 16-18 at the National Construction Equipment Museum in Bowling Green, Ohio.

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32 photo(s) Updated on: 01/09/2013
  • Adam Berry loads out President and Safety Clinic author Larry Kotkowski’s 1927 Indiana dump truck with the National Construction Equipment Museum’s 1926 Marion Model 21 electric shovel.
  • Corporate Member Eagle Crusher Company displayed a brand-new 2012 20x36” portable jaw crusher (that was being delivered at the show) next to one of their 10x24 Model 5900s from 1962.
  • President Larry Kotkowski tries out the air controls on the National Construction Equipment Museum’s 1950 Michigan C16 shovel.
  • The pond that was excavated during the 2009 show became a playground for Marine Corps veteran Tom Price’s restored 1945 LVT4. Over 16,000 Landing Vehicle Trackeds were produced during World War II.
  • The National Construction Equipment Museum’s 1926 Link-Belt K2 crane awaits the new day’s work.
  • The National Construction Equipment Museum’s 1959 Euclid 91FD is loaded out by Mike Vavrik’s 1965 Cat 977H.
  • This restored 1951 LeRoi 105TA Tractair compressor tractor is owned by John Gradel.
  • George Ward owns this 1924 Clydesdale 10A flatbed truck, which was built in Clyde, Ohio, 45 miles east of the National Construction Equipment Museum.
  • Lakeside Sand & Gravel’s 1947 49FD represents one of the most popular of the numerous models in Euclid’s 15-ton capacity FD end dump line.
  • The National Construction Equipment Museum’s 1948 Koehring 304 dragline at work on the dirt pile. National Director Jim Carter is the operator.
  • Jamie Gritter’s American Road Machinery 6H motor grader is built on a Farmall chassis.
  • Jim Gangle’s 1950 10B shovel dumps a load of clay.
  • The show was graced by a pair of Buckeye No. 14 wheel trenchers, built in 1928 and 1929. John Schudel’s 1929 trencher appears to have been repowered and equipped with new travel wheels.
  • National Director Dean Wack empties his 1961 Euclid S7 motor scraper.
  • Corporate Member Geo. Gradel Co.’s 1960 Bucyrus-Erie 15B dragline loads their Euclid 5UD end dump.
  • Volunteer Adam Berry’s 1955 Farmall 400 pulls the Museum’s 1920s Russell Grader Super Special pull grader in the Saturday parade. Heather Terrell and Emily Berry are the operators.
  • Larry Hyde’s 1955 Bantam C35 backhoe opens up part of the dirt pile.
  • The National Construction Equipment Museum’s 1930s Bates 35 Steel Mule and 1929 Adams Leaning Wheel No. 7 pull grader, operated by long-time Museum supporter Don Black and blademan Maurice Davis.
  • Small-scale underground work in progress! Dick Long’s 1965 Bus Brown 468R compact trencher opens trench while Steve Lippoldt’s Earthworm 5 walk-behind dozer.
  • Gary Love’s 1930 Ten Wide Gauge pulls an unidentified rotary scraper.
  • Dick Hallberg brought his 1935 Cat Forty, shown keeping Gary Whiteman’s 1935 Diesel Seventy-Five company in the ACMOC area.
  • Jerry and Jane Immel brought several machines, including this 1922 Cletrac W.
  • Corporate Member Geo. Gradel Co. showed several machines, including this unusual 5UD 13-ton Euclid end dump. Only 75 of these little trucks were built, starting in 1966.
  • President Larry Kotkowski brought several machines from his extensive collection, including this 1944 Osgood 200 shovel.
  • The National Construction Equipment Museum’s 1963 Cat 944 poses during the Saturday power parade. The 944 was the first model to be introduced in Cat’s wheel loader line.
  • National Construction Equipment Museum volunteer and White truck enthusiast Dave Brainard lensed the Museum’s 1962 White Super Mustang being loaded by the Museum’s 1948 Koehring 304 dragline.
  • The show’s feature machine, the National Construction Equipment Museum’s 1959 Cat DW20F tractor and its slightly older No. 20 scraper, was idled by engine trouble at the show’s start.
  • The National Construction Equipment Museum’s 1945 Bucyrus-Erie 15B backhoe at work atop the dirt pile.
  • Who needs a water wagon? The National Construction Equipment Museum’s 1951 Cat D7B strips mud in the demonstration areas after Friday morning’s rain.
  • ACMOC President Dave Wintermute and his Cat D6 and 60 pull scraper.
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