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2009 Convention

Please share your images of the 2009 International Convention and Old Equipment Exposition which was held September 18-20 at the National Construction Equipment Museum in Bowling Green, Ohio.

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15 photo(s) Updated on: 03/22/2013
  • Lining up for a parade, National Director Ron Miller and his 1913 Holt 60 tiller-wheel tractor pulls the National Construction Equipment Museum’s 1917 Russell Township A elevating grader.
  • Steve Cornelius brings Earl, as past president Dean Wack has named his Euclid S7 scraper, out of the pit.
  • It says “Oliver” on the radiator grille, but it isn’t. According to Oliver expert Sherry Schaefer, this scraper owned by Dave Steiner is built around an Oliver 66 engine, transmission and rear end.
  • National Director Jim Schaus showed this 1939 Diamond T flatbed truck and its cargo, a 1921 Fordson with Trackson crawler conversion.
  • Big iron! Jarrid Kossen’s 1955 D8 and Bucyrus-Erie B250 scraper of unknown vintage raise some dust.
  • The National Construction Equipment Museum’s circa 1920 Austin Manufacturing pull grader rated at eight horsepower.
  • Jim Gangle’s 1957 HD11 keeps busy in the pit as David Jensen’s 1976 Hough H65C Payloader joins the Koehring 305 and Unit 1020 draglines in loading out the spoil.
  • Dave Metcalf owns this John Deere 40C crawler tractor and Adams No. 4 pull grader.
  • Not your normal motive power for a pull scraper! Past President Dean Wack’s 1965 Cat D6B wheel dozer conversion kicks up a little dust with Don Martin’s 1948 60 scraper.
  • Jerry Kuhen’s beautifully detailed Austin-Western Badger drew lots of attention. Jerry, helped by 1st Vice President Larry Kotkowski and his crew, finished the restoration started by Junior Christian.
  • With National Director Bill Weston at the wheel, the Museum’s 1959 Cat DW20F tractor and No. 20 scraper brings a load up out of the pit.
  • This 1929 McCormick-Deering 22-36, owned by Jerry Limpf, provides the pull for the Museum’s 1929 J. D. Adams No. 7 Leaning Wheel pull grader. Mel Yates is the grader operator.
  • Don Martin’s 1946 Cat DW10 tractor and W10 bottom dump wagon is loaded out by Don Stewart’s 1957 Cat 955 Traxcavator.
  • Dr. Roy LeTourneau doffs his cap as George Goldsberry brings a 1955 LeTourneau-Westinghouse D Tournapull, one of several LeTourneau machines that George has restored, through the power parade.
  • Show Co-Chairman Mike Androvich on his 1931 McCormick-Deering 20 TracTracTor.
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