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Laplant-Choate through Lorain

11 photo(s) Updated on: 09/18/2015
  • c. 1945 LeTourneau D4 Tournapull with Q Carryall. Ours is missing its front dozer.
  • This 1956 Lima 34 Paymaster shovel was beautifully restored by donor Sheldon Gray.
  • c. 1921 Leach concrete mixer.
  • 1952 LeTourneau D Roadster motor scraper. Technically, the tractor is a D Roadster, and the scraper behind it is an E9 Carryall.
  • 1951 LeTourneau LP Carryall pull scraper. This scraper could be used as shown behind a large crawler tractor, or behind a C or Super C Tournapull rubber-tired tractor by removing the front axle.
  • Late 1930s-1940s LeTourneau D Carryall. This was one of the smallest examples of LeTourneau's extensive range of pull scrapers.
  • 1946 LaPlant-Choate C84 pull scraper. Allis-Chalmers acquired LaPlant-Choate in 1952.
  • c. 1950 LeTourneau C Tournadozer, an example of the first rubber-tired dozer. All functions are driven by electric motors, it steers by a toggle switch, and it has been modified for snow plowing.
  • 1945 Lorain MC414 truck crane, an example of the first self-contained truck cranes for over-the-road travel. Lifting capacity was 15 tons.
  • 1926 Link-Belt K2 crawler crane, the first machine restored by Museum volunteers. Capacity is 15 tons or 1-1/4 cubic yards.
  • 1929 Lima 101 shovel. The Lima Locomotive Works of Lima, Ohio, originally built these mschines on contract for the Ohio Steam Shovel Company until purchasing rights to the design.
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