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Case W11b Wheel Loader : Has forward gear issues

  • 09/21/2017 3:04 AM
    Message # 5272792


    New guy here with an older Case W11b wheel loader that's been rode hard and NEVER put away. This ol' girl was sitting for long time. I have had multiple issues with this machine from hydraulic leaks to fuel pumps , brakes, flat tires, sediment in the fuel tank and Hydraulic reservoir, rusted out fuel lines, fuel pump(s), you name it. It serves an important purpose in my operation. Unfortunately that purpose only comes around 2 to three days a year. It sits, parked under an awning for sometimes for as long as 5 months at a time. This thing acts different nearly every time I use it. It has had a "lag" when putting it in FORWARD from time to time. On occasion, it would be rather extended sometimes lagging 20 to 30 seconds before finally moving , after shifting the lever into forward from neutral and/or reverse. Seems as tho I remember it taking even longer than that every once in a while as well. It would have a significant lag when shifting it from LOW to HIGH gear as well on occasion. I drained the fluid out of the transmission after I got it. The fluid that came out of it was pretty nasty looking stuff. I have changed it out twice now. I have changed all the filters numerous times now due to the fact that it had been sitting for about 3 years when I bought it and there was rust in every fluid in it. Now it goes into reverse just fine and feels strong. However , going forward is iffy. Sometimes it will move, sometimes it won't. I started it up , let warm up for about 15 minutes went back to move it and it would not move forward. I waited for nearly 1 minute, got impatient and shifted it into reverse. It shifted and reverse hit solid. I stopped, put in forward and nothing. I was in a hurry so I just shut it down and used another piece of equipment to do what needed done. Two days later, I fired it up and sat it in it until it warmed up, put it in forward, and it took right off! I made one pass around the yard with it, stopped, put it in neutral , jumped out and hooked up a chain, climbed back in it, put in gear and nothing. I shut it down, went back and fired it up, put it in gear and away I went, no problem. What the heck?

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