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How long do you expect your machines to last?

  • 09/19/2017 7:09 AM
    Message # 5268306


    I'm curious as to how many hours members here feel their different types of machines will give before they generally start to need money put back in to them to keep them reliable?

    I appreciate that's a very general question and will depend on their usage, how they're serviced and generally looked after, etc etc etc, and sometimes it's just bad luck. But I think there should be some general trends and guidelines that should emerge after a while.

    I'm assuming the machines have been used "reasonably" ie if it's a mini excavator, then just normal excavator duties for which it was designed, used in normal building site conditions, and serviced according to the recommended service intervals. In that situation it could be that after 1500 hrs of that type of use then undercarriage problems might start to be expected, after 3000 the motor is probably at the end of its expected life, and so on. I don't know if those figures are what others would agree on, just an example. A 40 T excavator might be double those figures?

    It seems down here many people seem to get rid of their skid steers around 1500 hrs or 2-3 years, which doesn't seem to me like much life.

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