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Oroville Spillway Repairs

  • 09/22/2017 4:25 AM
    Message # 5274599

    No conspiracy theories please. I believe this is mostly a case of "stuff happens". Nobody died or got seriously injured and that is good. But I bet the price tag approaches a billion dollars.

    They shut off the water yesterday since the lake is low enough. I wonder how you all would go about digging out this pile of rock. From a distance it looks like a pile of washed gravel. But there are a few shots with a Cat in it that shows there are lots of these blue rocks about the size of a small car.

    I saw in another place they had built a road out onto the pile of dirt from the downstream side. Presumably to make it easier for the less nimble equipment to get farther out there. They have barges floating on both sides and even a tug boat. I don't know how they got the tug boat down there. This is a pretty steep canyon with not great roads. I guess the power plant must have a pretty good road.

    How would you go about cleaning this channel? Start pushing to the south side where the roads are and haul it off one dump truck at a time? What about getting some water back in the channel? Sounds like they want to start flowing several thousand CFS as early as Thursday.

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