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You all ready for a early potentially mean winter?

  • 09/19/2017 7:06 AM
    Message # 5268303


    Been watching our weather beyond that of Harvey, we are experiencing the mildest August and early September I can remember in over 50+ years of what memory I have left. I have not managed to kill all the older brain cells but working on it!

    We have had 26 of 31 days in August thickly fogged, to which an older old timer noted for every foggy day in Aug. there will be a corresponding snow in winter. They are calling for Frost in MI, MN, WI and N IL/IA by Sept 7. Nut trees(walnut/hickory) are not very fruited out this time and our persimmons are sparse at best. Are we in for it this winter? Are you all ready for it if is bad?

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