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Koehring 305 vs 304

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  • 02/08/2017 4:45 PM
    Message # 4599006

    I have a Koehring 304 now and was wondering what difference there was between a 304 and a 305?

  • 02/09/2017 7:05 AM
    Reply # 4600156 on 4599006

    The 304 and 305 are very different machines. The 305 is a total different design. 

  • 02/09/2017 9:10 AM
    Reply # 4600310 on 4599006

    Thank You Perry. I am looking at a 305 to purchase but am only familiar with the 304. how easy are the short lever friction machines to operate. i have many many hours operating a 304 and some other draglines in its class but not a 305. are there any weak spots i need to examine for wear?

  • 02/09/2017 11:08 AM
    Reply # 4600518 on 4599006

    The 305 is a lot easier to run than the 304. I would make sure the bottom of the crane, ie Tracks are in good shape. It is becoming more difficult to get tracks for the 305. The 305 can break the track drives if pulled really hard, I have broke 3 of them. Check the boom hoist gears and make sure that none are broken or really sharp. I have spent many hours on a 305. Let me know what else I can do to help.


  • 02/09/2017 4:39 PM
    Reply # 4601250 on 4599006

    Thanks again Perry. i was checking the condition of the swing bevel gears and noticed they looked like new but didn't have any grease on them like my 304 does. do the swing bevel bears on a 305 run in an oil lubricated gearbox? since they had a trace of gear oil on them but the box was dry should i assume there is a seal out somewhere? what part of the track drive breaks?

  • 02/09/2017 7:35 PM
    Reply # 4601416 on 4599006

    The 305 does have a gear box close to what the 304 had, usually when they are empty, it means that the swing pinion seal is bad. It is easier to use a no-drip oil than to replace the pinion seal. The shaft in the track drive where the drive chain and track are located.

  • 02/13/2017 9:02 PM
    Reply # 4607727 on 4599006


    I am still looking at the 305. i have asked the seller to take a pic of the boom hoist gear and he says he can't find it. is it inside an enclosed gear case?

  • 02/14/2017 7:34 AM
    Reply # 4608338 on 4599006

    The boom hoist gears are open and located behind and below the swing shaft. You should check to make sure the gears have not been run dry and are not showing a lot of wear. 

  • 02/14/2017 9:53 AM
    Reply # 4608553 on 4599006

    Thanks again Perry,this has been very helpfull.  are the boom hoist gears supposed to lubed with open gear grease? are there any covers you have to remove to inspect them?  this crane so far has been in very good shape with very little wear,the only thing that bothers me is the detroit engine was recently rebuilt. if they wore that engine out i would think the rest of the crane should show it.  it was used as a pile driver supposedly with very little if any bucket work

  • 02/15/2017 3:26 PM
    Reply # 4611092 on 4599006

    The boom hoist gears are lubed by open gear lube. there should be no covers to take off. If this machine has only done pile driving work, I would not be concerned about the engine rebuild. Chances are it got full of rain water and that is what caused the problem. Does it have a 3 or 4 cylinder. The newer machines were shipped with a 4 and the older ones had the three. Both are good. The 3 cylinder has less power and not so likely to have a lot of broken issues. My 330, is the same as a 305 but has swing out outriggers, larger counterweight and 3rd drum. I have owned two of the these and have extensive repair experience with them.

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