I am looking for a bit of info on a Bantam T35 Excavator mounted on a early 50's GMC 860 Truck.
I am helping to sell it for the family as they would like to see it restored as opposed to scrapped.
I'm like to get an idea of the weight first so we can at least get a scrap value to start from.
The GMC is a real cool truck and adds a lot of character to the rig. Both items restored together would be great.It was originally on a Army 6x6 and moved to the 860 in the 70's.It will start, drive and dig. Last used about 6 years ago. Stored inside.GMC has 671 detroit deisel and T35 has Continental.
Can anyone help me out with a weight and possible a value ballpark? Any help would be appreciated.

There is an extra backhoe attachment that goes with it that is in as good or better condition than the one on it I'm told.

I'm thinking $7500.00 but will listen to advice about that.

Any help, advice or interest would be appreciated.