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Need Engine Identification Help (Engine make/model) In Older Const/Ind'l Eqpmt

  • 07/05/2013 3:39 PM
    Message # 1333983
    Upon becoming interested (obsessed?) with the US independent engine builders and what-all their engines went into, I acquired a batch of older engine/clutch replacement parts catalogs (some being the same as ones I'd sold several years before when closing out my old auto related paper collection!!)...
    Anyway, I find what I have is good on trucks, fair on tractors and combines, but poor to no help on the endless range of gas/diesel powered const and ind'l eqpmt...
    Some 50s/60s clutch catalogs, while not really comprehensive, do cover more const etc eqpmt, but I need something that covers older (teens/20s/30s) road/const/etc eqpmt models that lists their engine makes and models..
    Anyone here familiar with such catalogs or publications?? Individual make history books are out of reach financially.
    Any comments appreciated--many thxx!!  Bud
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