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Waukesha 4cyl XAK Engines (The 4cyl "X" series went X, XA, XAH and XAK)

  • 07/05/2013 3:05 PM
    Message # 1333963
    Wauk's late 20s/30s 4cyl "X" series ran X and XA=31/2x41/2, XAH=35/8x41/2 and the XAK=33/4x43/4, with the XAK apparently the poor stepchild of the series, reportedly only 2800 or so being produced.
    In trying to ID some installations per my old replacement parts catalogs, which are good on trucks, fair on tractors and combines, but poor to useless for const eqpmt/ind'l uses, I find very few listings. Unfortunately, without production numbers, I have no way to tell if those 2800 or so were all used in the truck/tractors I found or not.
    The "X" seems to've been quickly supplanted by the "XA", the "XAH" was also popular, including showing up on gensets and such.
    Does anyone here with gray hair recall any XAKs in any kind of eqpmt or as power units?? Any comments (other than to 'get a life!'--lol) appreciated.

    Many thxx!!  Bud
  • 11/18/2013 11:12 PM
    Reply # 1441279 on 1333963
    I have an Ingersol Rand compressor with a 4 cyl waukesha. I'll look to see what model it is and get back with you.
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