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Caterpillar 11 Auto Patrol 6K50 needs a good working home.

  • 07/27/2022 1:52 PM
    Message # 12864171

    I have a fine example of a good working Caterpillar 11 Auto Patrol Tandem Diesel. The serial number is a low 6K50.  I plan to consider a reasonable offer, considering its good working condition and ultimate destination. This is a drive on the truck off at the show working unit. Generally I have it down to a science as I used it for several years doing farm waterways and other jobs, It is also an adrenaline trip in a 32 below Iowa blizzard as well. It will start one cylinder at a time if it needs to. Considering its ArmStrong controls, you can keep warm.

    The only real issue is the clutch probably needs readjusting as the previous owner had one adjustor come loose on him and was unable to access it through the tiny hole under the seat. I managed to correct it best I could, but there is still a slight shudder to its release. Never got around to readjusting it.  When it digs in, it sounds like all he** breaking out behind you. It really comes to life under load. The foot brake works well, but I never loosened the park brake lever. 

    Tilt front wheels and scarifier lift. Only some teeth and wedges are still in the toolbox. It once had a wing plow. There are 3 Caterpillar NEW old stock injectors in it. Pushrod tubes are leaking as it has had Amoco 15W40 oil in it for years. When I got it, I removed the valve cover and access plates from the oil pan and cleaned out all of the sludge that I could flush down with diesel fuel. I kept it cleaned up and it has been stored inside for the last 18 years. Pony is in working condition and I have a workable (not original) Eismann magneto for it. I have been using an inverted/modified John Deere magneto since the Eismann is too easy to steal. Also I learned how to protect the magneto while sitting outside so it never gets wet. Plus the timing advance is easier. Less likely to break my arm cranking.

    The 13.00-24 tires are a matched trade in set off a county grader in good condition. I used to run tire chains on it, and only managed to get it stuck once. (Thank God for my HD19H) The front tires will be needing replacement at some point. Pony exhaust pipe needs some work.

    First owner, City of Cedar Rapids Parks Department, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Second owner Faye Strait of Center Point, Iowa. Third, myself. Lars Brownlie, Conrad, Iowa. 

    This machine is running in these photographs. It is in good museum original condition and generally unaltered. The cab has been rebuilt once, and one door was taken off during a Derecho. 

    This site would not take my running MP4. The engine appears to have 5816 running hours. I can not read the hubometer.

    It is on a current auction on EBAY now.

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    Last modified: 07/28/2022 8:12 PM | Lars Brownlie
  • 08/09/2022 10:38 AM
    Reply # 12877910 on 12864171

    In case anyone is interested, a reasonable offer will be considered on this unit. 

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