I had, optimum word "had", a marvelous tool that came with the 20-H Bucyrus Erie backhoe I bought from Binder Machinery Co. in the mid 1970's.

It was used to draw the travel chains together when repairing or replacing them. It was made of flat bar stock, the two halves sliding on each other and kept in alignment by passing through clamps, with opposing hook ends and had a adjusting screw to tighten the two halves, the beauty was that the two sides of the chain aligned on top of the tool to assist installing the link pin.

Arnold Kimmel, the shop foreman gave it to me, and explained B-E had these for various size machines from the 15-B to the 88-B, they were sold as factory tools.

My question and sincere hope is that you gentlemen have one that I might be able to take measurement from or wish to sell.

I also have to believe that Bucyrus Erie was not the only manufacturer that had something like this for drive chain repair. As all the crane & shovel manufacturers had special tools for their machines. Any other tooling would be interesting as well.